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Please go to the contact us page. You can contact us by telephone, email or you can complete a form and specify your reason for getting in contact.
The website works for both employers and candidates:
  • Employers can use Genie’s video technology as a quick first interview screening programme. This allows you to see many candidates without lengthy interviews.
  • Candidates can save money travelling to job interviews which tghey may not be right for. It will also save you time prepping for the first interview.
Genie combines the use of video technology and an active jobs board. We feel our prices are competitive for the type of service we are offering.
We have provided tips thoughout the site. There are subjects on the frequently asked pages and an entire section dedicated to this. The tips are there to give you the best chance of getting the most out of Genie.
As an employer you can add as many employees as you wish.
We work with all companies from recruiters who advertise a small number of roles, right up to large recruitment companies who advertise a multiple of roles at one time.
They are on a link at the bottom of the page. We have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
The system is simple, 1 credit is one job posting.
At the moment we do not offer bold or top of search listings. The most recent jobs which match the candidates search will appear first
Genie Jobs Ltd is registered for VAT and prices are inclusive of VAT. Please contact us to receive your VAT invoice.
You can purchase as many credits as you need. If you require more than 200 credits please call us and we will discuss the latest deals for bulk buying.
We would recommend listing no more than seven questions. The aim is to ask the key questions which can help you determine quickly if the candidate is right for a face to face interview.
There are two types of questions, one for written answers and the other for the video interview questions. You can ask quick criteria questions which can determine quickly if the candidate has the right credentials for the role.
Genie is currently compatible with Broadbean.
Genie Jobs regularly checks the roles posted on the site. We have the right to remove roles which we feel break the integrity of the site. These include controversial roles such as sex workers and the adult entertainment industry.
Work out a code which matches your recruitment system. The reference will help you find specific roles quicker.
We recommend not keeping a role live longer than a month.
You can only provide one.
You should keep it brief; anything from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Try to talk about yourself and add some interesting points. Where are you from? What experience you have had? What are your aspirations?
If you have a professional photo that would always be best. If you haven’t got a professional photo use one on a plain background and wear smart clothes. You can select an image from your device and Genie accepts a range of formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF formats with a max of 500kb.
We recommend uploading your CV as a PDF as it will keep the formatting intact. You can upload MS word and other formats. There are some CV writing tips on the tips page that can help you.
You can upload multiple CV’s. When applying for the role you can choose the CV that best suits the role for which you're applying.
It doesn’t take much to produce a company profile video. This can be shot on a mobile phone and edited on basic software. We recommend showing off the work place, the location and a message from the boss with interesting facts on the company. This will make the company more appealing to candidates.
Genie jobs has two different accounts, one as a manager and one as an employee. The manager account can edit and oversee the employer’s jobs postings.
Click on the logo icon featured on the company page of your profile drop down menu. We accept JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF formats with a max of 500kb.
You should add some stills of the company work place. A shot of the exterior and interior will give the candidate a good account of the company.
We recommend that you highlight what makes your company special, your history, location, director, key employees, the sector you cover and your company philosophy.
You can send them an invitation email via the company profile page.
You can contact Genie and tell them to remove your employee.

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